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Yet Another Born-Again Rocketeer
Yes, another one. Jeez, don't you hate dilettantes like me? Especially those that are back into it with such enthusiasm, despite their budget. In my first incarnation, I flew under the guidance of a neighborhood mentor out of our backyards with very limited success. I'm now the President of the local NAR section, and fly from a square mile munincipal park every other weekend.

Estes, Bashes, and HPR
I'm very interested in old Estes kits, bashing new ones and building L1/2 HPR scratches. The pic below shows my Maxi Alpha 3 bashed to twin 24s ready to go on a pair of D12-5s. I'm L1 certified on a Hi-Tech H45 and L2ed on an 84% AIM-4F Falcon of my own design. My newest project (read 'folly') is an L3 funnel bird.

Looking at the Wrong End

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