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Thanks for the comparison photos!

I saw the LIA-77 exactly twice in my life, and not up close.

Shortly after getting into rockets I saw a family launching some at a local beach. They were really beautifully finished; I thought that they were somehow made of gleaming plastic. I realize now that they just had great paint jobs, much better than the awful trash finishes my friends and I turned out.

I recall they had a Estes Space Man and a few Centuri models. They were using a Centuri launch tripod and controller.

My elementary school's "Science Room" had a LIA-77 up on top of a filing cabinet. It was the only evidence that some rocketry-related things had gone on at the school before I got there. I never got to look it over.

I recall getting a used Centuri starter set back in the day, but it had one of the little wooden pads.

I don't recall if the local Centuri dealer carried starter sets. They had plenty of kits, and at least one model of launch controller. Well, in any case, by the time I had the money to buy pads Centuri had moved on to the plastic units.
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