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Originally Posted by snaquin
In a photo dated 1978 I just noticed that I had two similar pads but I don't remember using either one of these. I always used my two FSI all metal pads for 3/16 and 1/4" lug rockets by this time instead since I was flying FSI and larger Estes rockets with conversion kits in high school.

Are these the LIA-77 and LIA-100 pads? One looks a little larger in the photo than the other. I kept all my blast deflectors in a rangebox so those are not in the picture.

I still have the rangebox in the attic but it hasn't been opened for years I may still have the deflectors but would need to check.

One pad may possibly just be stacked on top the other pad in the photo I really can't tell these could just be the same pad just two of them.



Thanks for the photo. They are definitely two Centuri pads, but it is hard to tell exactly what size they are. Like you say, could be two LIA-77s.

Don't go through any heroics, but if you do manage to reach the range box and can check, that would verify it for sure.

I still have my all-metal FSI pad I got back in the late 80s when I was first getting into high power, but we later built some larger custom stainless pads for 3/8 and half inch rods, so the FSI pad went unused after that. It was a sturdy one also. I have recently picked up a few old FSI kits (including a couple of the Black Brants), so I will need to dig that FSI pad out when I finally get around to building and flying one of those. I was always impressed by that Black Brant liftoff photo in the old FSI catalogs that I first got back in the latter 70s.

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