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I got many years of service out of the smaller of the two FSI metal pads. I lost it before I moved west; I think I left it on the field of the last LIARS launch I attended.

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Ahh, the 1971 Centuri catalog! That was my first catalog ever. Got it in late 1970 and just about memorized every page. Still have that copy, but boy is it worn! Here a couple years ago I was able to get a mint copy of that same catalog and geez was I reminded of just how faded and worn my original was!

I still have my 1971 "retail" catalog; it was a terrible, terrible mess with a missing cover and maybe 4 pages at either end.

I still had Lee Piester sign it!

I also picked up another version of the '71 catalog. It has the Enerjet order blank, and there are a few other differences. I remember my first 1971 catalog had a testimonial page, including one from Ricky Piester (something to the effect of "eating, drinking, and sleeping rockets"). The testimonials are entirely missing from the almost-mint catalog.
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