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Originally Posted by Earl

Here's a quick tracing of a leg and the top plate.

One dimension is provided on the top plate side, and I have also provided a "1 inch scale" on the side of the page. The 'black dots' are the drilled holes in the top plate.

This was done super-quick, as I'm at home recovering from a bad upper respiratory infection, but hopefully will be enough data to let you do an accurate comparison between the two. My impression is the LIA-100 is a bit bigger than the 77 than the figure you posted, but hopefully with this data, we'll know pretty much for sure.


Hope you get better! I had a bad URI last year that really knocked me for a loop...I had not been sick in years so I was really wiped out! PTL for "Z" packs!!

this is the LIA-100 tracing, correct?
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