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Originally Posted by Earl
Thanks for the well-wishes. I'm sure my asthma is not helping, though I'm generally fairly symptom free with my asthma. I guess this virus has aggravated it though.

Yes, this is the LIA-100 tracing. I traced it all on one single piece of 8.5 x 11 paper, hence the leg done in two pieces to fit on the one page. Also, scanned at 72dpi, so the resolution is not very high, but should be enough graphic info to derive the needed dimensions.


Ok here is the updated comparison. They didn't consistently scale the legs with the base plate, so the LIA-100 does stand taller than the LIA-77. The deflector appears it is scaled along the lines of the base plate (about 1.12X), but that is just a SWAG on my part (based on the catalog images).

edit: added the catalog bit
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