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Originally Posted by Earl

Here's a quick tracing of a leg and the top plate.

One dimension is provided on the top plate side, and I have also provided a "1 inch scale" on the side of the page. The 'black dots' are the drilled holes in the top plate.

This was done super-quick, as I'm at home recovering from a bad upper respiratory infection, but hopefully will be enough data to let you do an accurate comparison between the two. My impression is the LIA-100 is a bit bigger than the 77 than the figure you posted, but hopefully with this data, we'll know pretty much for sure.


Hi Earl,
Thanks for posting your line drawing of the Centuri LIA-100 leg and base.
I thought I had a scan saved of the original Centuri LIA-100 instruction sheet, but I can't seem to find it if I actually did scan it. So, I'm going to have to re-scan it again and upload it.
Since my LIA-100 is painted: Legs flourescent Red and the Base flat black, I'm trying to remember what the actual legs were. I think the legs were Pine or Poplar. I know the base was 1/4" Masonite Hard Board.

Larry B
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