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Originally Posted by Stargate
Hi Earl,
Thanks for posting your line drawing of the Centuri LIA-100 leg and base.
I thought I had a scan saved of the original Centuri LIA-100 instruction sheet, but I can't seem to find it if I actually did scan it. So, I'm going to have to re-scan it again and upload it.
Since my LIA-100 is painted: Legs flourescent Red and the Base flat black, I'm trying to remember what the actual legs were. I think the legs were Pine or Poplar. I know the base was 1/4" Masonite Hard Board.

Larry B


Thanks for the post.....I actually have a complete LIA-100 and the instructions are scanned and posted in my first message of this thread.

In that first message, I was asking if anyone had the larger blast deflector that came with that launcher, as my LIA-100 came with the smaller deflector used on the LIA-77. I think Centuri may have used the same deflector for both launchers in their latter years, but I would really like to find an original larger deflector for my LIA-100 or someone who has one who can provide photos and dimensions of one.

Does your LIA-100 have the larger deflector by chance? Would be great if you can post photos/measurements if you do.


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