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Exclamation Here is why I might try my Estes Saturn V on a D12-0 ... help

Hi Folks. This is my first time posting.

The big question is will a D12-0 booster have enough "oompph" to eject the 'chutes??

I will lay out the scenario with data and supporting video. All of these shots in the vidoes were with D12-3 motors

(#1) Beautiful first flight before paint and decal. 448 g (15-3/4 oz) with engine

(#2) Not so great flight after paint and decal. 456 g (16-1/8 oz) with engine

(#3) Even worse. Shaved off 4g down to 452 g (16 oz) with engine

(#4) Made some measurements, estimations and calculations and determined the Cg was too close to the Cp. So I added a weight into the nose. 490 g (17-1/4 oz) with engine. Cg around 17 inches from base. Cp estimated to be 13.4 inches from base. Slightly better flight.

Based on #4, it looks like apogee is right when burn is done so I was thinking a D12-0 would minimize the amount of drift back down before ejection.....the catch though is the D12-0 would have to have enough force to eject the 'chute and nose stage.


I am debating about holding the rocket in my hand and firing to see if it will eject in a low-er risk environment, but that would probably violate some sort of NAR code. How can I fix it in place such as on my sawhorse without messing up the finish?
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