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Originally Posted by Doug Sams
I built the 2-stage Sting Ray years ago. I just found the remaining two kits in a gallon freezer bag on my work bench. There's a Scout III in the bag with them

The two remaining BT5 nosecones - same shape as the Sting Ray (and also the Quark) - have open bottoms with mating plugs. The material feels and sounds like plastic - styrene - but has a translucent appearance - it's not as white as typical styrene nosecones. But that may simply be a pigment issue and not indicative of a different material. That said,. the translucence makes them look like resin, albeit white and not amber.

These will be perfect projects to build with my grandsons in a couple years



These appear to be one piece cast with flashing around the seam lines. They are lightweight, so I am not certain if they are solid. The instructions also show them as being one piece, so I am fairly certain they were not a switch. And if they are, whoever went to the trouble of resealing the bag could probably get a job at the CIA.
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