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Originally Posted by bernomatic
These appear to be one piece cast with flashing around the seam lines. They are lightweight, so I am not certain if they are solid. The instructions also show them as being one piece, so I am fairly certain they were not a switch. And if they are, whoever went to the trouble of resealing the bag could probably get a job at the CIA.
I think they are stock, but, no doubt, the color is surely unusual. Your instructions clearly show them as one-piece with a screw-eye. My instructions show the shock cord tied to the plug glued into the nosecone. So there was clearly a component change (with accompanying instructions update) at some point.

I don't see any indication of date on my papers, but they came as two separate documents. Pages 1-4 (11"x17", folded) are doc # 82446A while pages 5-6 are 82445 which seems to imply a change at some point. The nosecone pics are at the top of page 3. If I get a chance later, I can scan them if desired.


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