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Originally Posted by Tau Zero

Silly question: Which version of the HoJo? (Since we have *so many* to choose from!)

I think I ended up with a balsa cone from one of the small early Estes versions, come to think of it. It needed a cardstock transition to complete the shape of the base.

You could approximate a HoJo nose cone like I did with my Semroc Tau Zero BC-760 nose cone, which was basically an ogive nose cone (without a base) mated with a transition minus the "forward" section that usually slides into the larger body tube.

Granted, both pieces were balsa, so you might have to add a mass object to approximate the correct weight, but there you go!

Hope this helps.


True, a few versions of that NC exists... got me on that one. I have been building a series of EAC Firecats on different scales based and so far I have a BT-20 (1:.56), a BT-50 (1:1), and a BT-55 (sim and built) but did not find a SIM with a similar NC. I could not figure out how to the NC on the sims. I came to this thread to see if the NCDATA file had it but I do have the latest file from Apogee. Your idea sounds about right and will give it a shot. Thanks.

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