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Originally Posted by chromedome
A couple of years ago, my brother bought me a Semroc Omega kV-64 kit, despite the fact neither of us had little, if any, knowledge of model rocketry. It sat in my office for a while, but I eventually decided to get on and build it. I researched methods of adding a video camera, including on this forum and the Rocketry Forum, and ended up adding a modified key fob camera. It came with no external casing, and had a 10cm long ribbon cable from the circuit board to the camera. I used a modified Sharpie lid as the cowling for the camera.

This weekend saw the first launches. I started with a single stage launch, which didn't even leave the launch pad. At first it seemed that the rocket was stuck on the launch rod but, as the ejection charge didn't separate the nose cone and deploy the parachute, it may have been a dud motor. Anyway, a second single stage launch (using a C11-5) worked perfectly. After that I went for a 2-stage launch, using a D12-0 and C11-5, and this launch was also a success. I was amazed how fast and high it went! Below are some screen grabs and video from the 2-stage launch, as well as a pic of the camera and a couple of the completed model.

Video here
Beautifully executed and presented (and no wait for the 8 mm movie film to be developed)! If you and your brother put up an online write-up of plans with illustrations (or photographs), it could help others fly such cameras aboard their Semroc Cinerocs as well. Also, Boyce Aerospace Hobbies offers a 3D printed plastic Cineroc casing (see: ), and so does Shapeways (see: and ).
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