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Originally Posted by rocketguy101
I hope if Earl reads this, he could check the overall dimensions of my drawing against the leg he traced to make sure I assembled the split image correctly to get my measurements....

Went back and pulled the three legs from the LIA-100 and here's what I found. In general, the dimensions vary a tad from leg to leg, depending on how they were 'finished off' (with a belt sander I guess) after the rough cut from the band saw (I assume that is how they were cut).

Here's what I can tweak for you:

Leg material thickness is nominally .6 inches.

The 'top' flat part of each leg is nominally 2.9 inches.

The 'bottom' flat of each leg is nominally 1.4 inches.

Overall 'height' of each leg is nominally 8.2 inches.

Overall 'length' of each leg is nominally 12.6 inches.

Center to center on bolt holes at top of each leg are nominally 2.2 inches.

And on the top triangular plate that the legs attach to, each side dimension is nominally 5.9 inches.

Hopefully, this will further refine your drawing (thanks for doing the drawing). As mentioned in the original post (wow, nearly three years ago....I can't believe it's been that long), the tracing and measurements were done quickly while I was under the weather with a bad, bad cold bug and hence suffered a bit.


P.S. - If someone else has an LIA-100 leg and can post their measurements, that might help refine things more also.
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