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I haven't used that, I've used bob smith super gold + thick foam safe CA, and bob smith foam cure, or beacons foam tac, the latter two are like contact cement, apply to both, pull apart, then pess together, or you can apply to one side and then hold in place, that's probably the best bet to make sure it makes a complete bond, it takes overnight to dry that way, but dries clear and flexible. The CA cures hard. a light bit of 5 minute epoxy should work fine too.


Originally Posted by aeppel_cpm
It looks pretty clean. Not crushed, just snapped.

Any preferred adhesive, Frank, for the white expanded PS - the stuff that crumbles into little balls? I hav one of the Loctite 'foam safe' kits around here. One with a felt tip activator and something that looks vaguely like CA. It was the only foam safe I could find locally.
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