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Originally Posted by Bituminous
Based on #4, it looks like apogee is right when burn is done so I was thinking a D12-0 would minimize the amount of drift back down before ejection.....the catch though is the D12-0 would have to have enough force to eject the 'chute and nose stage.
E15-4. That's the motor everyone espoused many years ago. I still have one I bought back in 2000 for the Saturn-V kit I also bought that year. The kit has never been started, but if I ever git'er'done , I'll have the motor for it

I am debating about holding the rocket in my hand and firing to see if it will eject in a low-er risk environment, but that would probably violate some sort of NAR code.
Don't do that. It's potentially dangerous - you could get burned. You'd feel awful if it went awry.

How can I fix it in place such as on my sawhorse without messing up the finish?
Buy another launch rod - ie, a steel rod from the hardware store - and mount it to the sawhorse, then slide the rocket over it. Then put a clamp on the rod just above the launch lug. I have a small pair of Vise-grips that would be a perfect clamp Make sure the blast won't hit anything - rig a deflector if you need to.



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