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Originally Posted by the mole
Thank JebiBoss I have a couple of those kits by Apogee. I want to concentrate on the MPC Vostok to understand how to build a reliable and stable kit. I can not find any information on this kit when it was offered in the 60s or 70s in any of rocket articles written back then. It's like they sold this kit in the 60s or 70s and no one has written a thing on what they remember about building it or how it flew. So far there's not much information on people trying to get this re-release of this kit to fly today. What is surprising to me we have a lot more resources of building materials and motors to choose from today.

This may be a model rocket that can't be made to fly stable but I'm going to give it a good try at it.

I bought that MPC Vostok back in the days (early 1970's,) and managed to fly it once, with a MPC labeled C6-2 engine (I think they sold/recommended that engine for this model). It flew pretty well, about what one would expect for an all plastic model. Never did fly it again, due to a number of relocations over the years, the substitute plastic base with the BT-30 slip on tube got misplaced along with the larger triangled snap on fins. I still have model itself on display inside my model rocket display case.
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