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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
The baseplate I believe is masonite. The little triangular piece is what the launch rod sticks in to if I'm not mistaken.
I still have my original LIA-77 from '69.

(home today with a five week old chest cold that will NOT leave. Asthma and chest colds do not mix I'm finding out....)

Yes, that's correct. The LIA-100 design and construction materials are pretty much the same as the smaller LIA-77, but about 1/3 again larger or so when compared to my LIA-77. Even the ignitor/deflector assembly is basically the same, but the one of the LIA-100 is definitely larger.

Both are dang sturdy designs, and while I have used a Centuri Powr-Pad for all my low power stuff for nearly 39 years (and an Estes Big Foot for a while back in the early 80s), I want to start using my LIA-77 and the LIA-100 for some of my more vintage flights, when I can make it out and fit in a flight here and there.

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