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Default Top Plate and Leg Comparisons--100 vs 77

Here's a couple of quick photos of the size comparisons between the top plate and legs on the LIA-100 versus the LIA-77. As mentioned in one of my previous posts, the overall construction, design, hardware, and materials are pretty much the same. LIA-100 is just 'larger'. Have not assembled it before (hardware still sealed in bags) and taken direct size measurements between the two (deck height, launcher base spread on legs, etc.), but it would be a pretty sturdy launcher no doubt for many a large rocket, especially 'back in the day' of MiniMax and Enerjet F stuff.

Interestingly, if you check the 1972 (and only) Enerjet catalog, one finds that only the LIA-77 launcher is offered, with a 1/8 rod. The 'heavy duty' LIA-100 is nowhere to be seen in that Enerjet catalog. Strange. And why they dropped all the nice MiniMax rockets when they officially introduced the Enerjet line has always been a mystery to me. Cost-cutting move by the Damon suits would be my best guess. Got rid of all the heavy walled tubing kits and went 'standard' Centuri tubing for the Enejet stuff (save for the heavy-walled 1340).

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