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Ye Olde Rocket Plans  A website with copies of plans for out of production model rockets from a plethora of manufacturers.  The majority of plans on there can not be found elsewhere on the web.  This site was originally inspired by Ryan McDaniell.

Ye Olde Rocket Forum  A great place for you to talk to others interested in the good old days of rocketry.  There are many people here to offer you help in finding an old rocket you're looking for, or to clone an old kit you always wanted.

BARCLONE  Craig McGraw's site offering lots of original rocket designs and decal artwork.  If you have an original design you'd like to share, contact Craig on his site to have it submitted.

Semroc Astronautics Corporation  Lot's of great recreations of classic kits from many of the old and departed rocketry companies.  Excellent quality Centuri-size parts as well.

Moldin' Oldies  Started by Mike Schmidt and now owned by Sirius Rocketry, this company makes cast resin parts to let you clone many Centuri and Estes kits.

Ninfinger Productions  by Sven Knudson.  An excellent resource of old model rocket catalogs online.  He also has a guide for matching up body tube sizes according to their part number.

JimZ Rocket Plans  by Jim Zalewski.  You can find a lot of Estes and Centuri plans online here at this site.  Clone your old favorites.  If you have some plans he's missing, send them over so he can scan them for the rest of us to enjoy.

Excelsior Rocketry  Sandman's company that makes nice repro and upscale decals for your rockets.  He does custom balsa work as well.

Tango Papa Decals  If you're cloning an old rocket, it's not complete without the decals.  Tom makes great reproductions of the classic Estes & Centuri kit decals.  He also sells a Mars Lander kit in three different "up" sizes.

Uncle Mike's Rocket Shack  Mike offers great prices and great service on many model rocketry items.  Lots of parts to choose from for the cloners out there.

Flis Kits  Another source for Estes-size body tubes, motor mounts, cones and adapters.  They also have many unique design model rockets available for sale.

Advanced Rocketry Group, Ltd.  A great source for Estes equivalent tubes including the BT-30E and BT-101E.  Nice scale kits.

Balsa Machining Service  They offer balsa reproductions of the old Estes and Centuri nose cones and transitions.

Sunward Aerospace  Plenty of parts to help clone old kits along with many original designs of their own.  They even have slightly modified versions of some of the old Canaroc kits.

Model Rocket Building Techniques  by Hans "Chris" Michielssen.  Chris put together a great site with all kinds of tips on how to build model rockets.

Gerry Fortin's Estes Kit Price Database  Gerry has put together a great site where he tracks the going rate of OOP Estes kits on eBay.  If you're looking to buy/sell an old Estes kit, this will give you an idea of what they're going for.

Buzz Nau's Model Rocket Pages  Buzz has some of the old Centuri Technical Reports scanned and online for your enjoyment.

Leo's Leisure Site  Leo shows us his astounding collection of model rockets. He has data and pictures for almost all of his kits.  Very cool!

A Shasta's - Model Rocket Home Page  Another great source of old model rocket plans online.

Holverson Designs, Inc.  Another site from Doug Holverson.  You can buy Centuri ST-8 and ST-10 body tubing from him along with some other inexpensive parts.

Essence's Model Rocketry Reviews  Find great reviews on rockets, old and new.  There's plenty of info here to keep you busy reading for days.

Estes Educator  Estes website that offers most of its technical documents in PDF format.

Matt Stum's Template Widget  A great program to help you make paper transitions, fin alignment guides and miter guides.  Check out the rest of Matt's site while you're they're.  You'll find lots of other neat stuff.

Strib's Rocket Stuff  Here you will find more Centuri Technical Documents online and other reports by Jim Barrowman.

Rakety - planky  Some cool European model rocket designs. Thanks to Andy Hobbs for finding this site.

Wayne Hill's Rocketry Blog  Lots of great info for making rockets out of paper/cardstock.

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